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Ramon Vilanova focuses on solar light. He is a follower of it, because with her he finds the incarnation of forms. One ought not to believe that his realism, his figures, are conditioned by what he sees. What attracts him and what really motivates him are the depths, the final meaning of things. and although he does not wish to unravel nor establish a theory with multitudinous conditions and distinctions – he paints, and that is enough. Just as the great artists have done and always will. There is nothing quite as complicated as truly expressing oneself. He establishes the principles in which we each recognize ourselves. He submerges himself in what is close, in what he has in hand, but since he feels it so very intimately, a contact that is physical and, above all, moral, many have recognized in his paintings what they have seen or felt in other places and situations. It is precisely because of this that he is able to situate his work in universality without letting himself stray from the particular in all he represents, since he does not propose anything other than to explain those things that he truly feels. It is us, and our experiences, that connect us to him when we place ourselves in the same stadium of sincerity.

It is not necessary to know much about geography and nature when we contemplate the works of ramon Vilanova. Of course, he never disturbs the true meaning – he bases himself, not in the data and references that books and world travel can give us, but in the sound understanding of the environments to which we belong. This he accomplishes by sincere adhesion to what is common for all. It is then that true globalism emerges, allowing us to recognize ourselves in others, to be united and rise above all the artificial separations provoked by distances and the lack of rapid transport. The 20th century, in which we still remain, regardless of what the calendars tell us, arrives at its end with the surprise that all the inventions and technological advances makes us realize, that it has allowed us to relate to one another and to know ourselves as members of one race, the human race, and actors of one end: the peaceful use of all the things we have made, so that we may find the most perfect way possible to live alongside one another. This common project is no easy task, but to achieve this connection to these truths, real art is, in all confidence, an excellent medium. and in the same way, without wanting to overstep his boundaries, only wishing that his works will speak for him and at whose service he has placed himself, we find, ramon Vilanova.

Of a modest nature, quiet and very little inclined to boast, he is un pintor, who loves what comes to him from the past and who knows the pleasure of contemplating the activities of others. He does not compete, but does not ignore what he feels when he searches and finds. He occupies himself in explaining what he has on the inside; that «little sensation» of which Gauguin spoke when wanting to explain what happens inside him during those long meetings with painting, that really are only instants because time is unforgiving to anything that isn’t the giving of oneself completely to the act of painting.

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